[Translate to English:] Yann Porret Master violin, viola, cello, double bass, and accessories luthier-bow maker Yann Porret

Yann Porret, a master luthier-bow maker in Paris, the successor of Roger Lanne, has been at your service for over forty years. He can offer you violins, alto violins, cellos, double basses and accessories. Services offered here include: rental, sales, purchases, valuation and repairs of exceptional quality. At his workshop in Avenue Daumesnil you can find instruments entirely hand-made by craftspersons with outstanding expertise. He is visited by confirmed professional musicians and all lovers of these string instruments, drawn by their fine musicality.

[Translate to English:] Distillerie du Viaduc Artisanal distillery, natural spirits factory Quentin de Montgolfier and Théo Boussion

Sensitive to the mystery surrounding distillation and its ability to preserve the natural properties of plants, the two managers and friends have chosen a traditional practice. They use iron stills to extract the best from their ingredients (aromas, scents, flavors). Their products: spirits macerated and distilled on-site, 100% natural. Workshops allow you to make your own gin.

[Translate to English:] Aisthésis Artistic cabinetmaking and creation of contemporary furniture Jérôme Cordié

Created in 1984 and installed in the Viaduc des Arts for 15 years now, Aisthésis is an artistic cabinetmaking firm qualified as a “Living Heritage Company”. Jérôme Cordié materialises his talent here as a creator of contemporary furniture and uses precious materials such as parchment, mica, mother of pearl, horn, bone or even shagreen, which he has made his speciality. His creations are unique items. They are a wise blend of know-how and firmly contemporary lines to which he adds a symbolic dimension.

[Translate to English:] Ithemba Furniture, lighting, and design objects Carine Khalil et Amine Trabelsi

Ithemba was set up with the aim of combining design, crafts and solidarity. The Ithemba vault combines a workshop for design research and building prototypes with an ethical concept store presenting its creations. The vault contains collections of decorative objects, lights and lamps, small furniture, table art and jewellery, associating traditional craftsmanship from several countries with design. Each sale goes along with a donation sent to a charity association.

[Translate to English:] Zéphyr 2D and 3D laser engraving Jean-Luc Zatorscki

Zéphyr 3D, a European leader and pioneer in laser marking inside optical glass, transforms a flat image, your portrait or that of someone close to you, into a 3D design visible in all its facets, based on a photo or a scanner image. The laser beam draws portraits of your loved ones in 2D or 3D in the core of the glass, quickly and with extraordinarily fine quality, here at the shop. Choose the shape and size of your glass support. Zéphyr also offers a wide range of ready-made models: Rodin’s Thinker, the Little Prince, Paris monuments etc...

[Translate to English:] Hervé Ébéniste Customized fittings, wooden furniture creation Hervé Delumeau

Hervé offers you quality creations to rationalise your space. He thinks over the best way to make a bookshelf, storage, desk, table, sideboard, bed, in keeping with your needs, your tastes and wishes. He works in wood, either solid or plywood, from rare species, but also with the most innovative materials. The workshop manufactures its items in Paris and pays particular attention to the source of the wood and the use of ecological finishes. “Being a cabinet-maker means having a chance to start every day knowing it will be different to all the others”.

[Translate to English:] Le Cadre d’Or Contemporary framing and mounting Tymour Varichon

The Cadre d’Or workshop has been making mounting bases and frames for institutions and private individuals since 1979. Our vocation is to enhance works of art and we aim to be contemporary and innovative. Thanks to our mastery of materials such as plexiglass, wood and metal, we can meet a large number of technical requirements (large format, fragile work, non-standard objects) and provide a wide variety of aesthetic solutions (including transparent framing, setting in tin-plated lead, and plexiglass boxes and covers).

[Translate to English:] Rinck General decoration company Thierry Goux

Rinck is an ambassador of French art de vivre, an interior design company whose unique feature is that it integrates production workshops. The brand brings together the worlds of design and production. Thanks to the alliance of these different trades, Rinck bases its creativity on the mastery of its teams and the expertise drawn from its traditions. A know-how that is almost two hundred years old, at the service of prestigious projects, carried out alone or in partnership.

[Translate to English:] Estampille 52 Contemporary creations, restoration, and manufacturing of goldsmithing Fantin Mayer-Peraldi et Paul Mazet

Estampille 52 is a young cabinet-making company, which set up its workshop in the heart of Paris and that designs and manufactures furniture, objects and accessories on location. As an innovative cabinet-making workshop, Estampille 52 associates craftsman know-how with ground-breaking technology. The line of furniture items is contemporary and timeless, a mixture of fifties and modern style. Estampille 52 is also a workshop where they develop, design, offer and make prototypes, unique pieces, and tailor-made interior design and fittings.

Atelier Guigue et Locca Atelier Guigue et Locca Creation and restoration of painted furniture, paintings and objets d’art, painting classes, making horn speakers Jean-François Guigue

A kingdom of decoration and music for over 40 years now. Turning custom-built work into true works of art at very reasonable prices. Muriel and Jean François offer unique, personalised items. Restoration and creation of painted furniture (chests of drawers, bookshelves, wood panelling, walk-in wardrobes) decoration items, paintings; making high quality loudspeakers. And as an extra, the opportunity to take decorative painting classes.

Créanog Créanog Graphic design, embossing, hot stamping and inlaying. Laurent Nogues

In 1994, Laurent Nogues founded the company Créanog, specializing in graphic design and the traditional techniques of embossing and hot stamping, imposing them in new and resolutely contemporary uses. In 2011, Laurent Nogues was awarded the title of Master of Art by the Minister of Culture and Communication. Créanog is a creative studio, a manufacturing office and a production workshop. It assists its clients in their graphic design, research and technical development projects and ensures the production of communication tools in their entirety.

[Translate to English:] Bicloune Seller and restorer of new and used bicycles Marc de Stoppani

Bicloune has been selling and reconditioning new, old and vintage bicycles since 1982. Its manager, cycling enthusiast Marc de Stoppani, who sold his first bicycle when he was 7, considers that bikes are above all an environmentally friendly, cheap form of transport. He sells bicycles, accessories and spare parts. In the workshop, showing respect for the history of the bicycle, customers can find a range of spare parts to suit their bike's requirements. An inspection and diagnostic service is also offered, by appointment only.

[Translate to English:] Milyeux Photographic post-production, printing, publishing on special supports Patrice Le Goux

Milyeux handles photo-retouching (post-production) with all forms of originals, but also produces high-fidelity reproductions of photographic and pictorial works. The company restores deteriorated photographic documents after reproducing these. It implements technological solutions to optimise reproduction of colour depending on the printing procedure and the final support used. It has regular exhibitions of photos and painting in the gallery.

[Translate to English:] Série Rare Door handles, lamps, and bronze accessories Daniel Podva

Série Rare, a powerful and original brand, is the expression of a designer, Daniel Podva, who transforms functional objects into genuine works of art through his own personal code. As a quality timeless material, bronze delivers up all its sensuality and magic to this artist. Série Rare Editions cultivate beauty in its purest state. Inspired and daring, the original style of these multiple creations comes forward as a self-evident reality and beckons one in to bask in a genuinely intimate emotion. Collections for those who seek to live their everyday life as a poetic journey.

[Translate to English:] Tzuri Gueta Designer of textiles, jewellery and haute couture accessories Tzuri Gueta

A designer, artist, craftsman, scientist, and explorer - it’s hard to put a label on Tzuri Gueta. He can nevertheless easily be recognised by his own unique use of silicone. With no holds barred, Tzuri Gueta and his team set out to conquer different creative fields: jewellery, fashion accessories, design objects, stage performances, art exhibitions, haute couture events. Today the Tzuri Gueta team is established in its Showroom at the Viaduc des Arts, a unique realm to be explored, with nothing held back for those in love with contemporary creation.

[Translate to English:] Marischael Orfèvre Creation, restoration and storage solutions Nicolas Marischael

Today it is uncommon to find gold and silversmiths’ workshops where an artisan masters the art of restoration and creation, but Nicolas Marischael is one of these. He has invaluable know-how, a genuine legacy handed down over four generations, which he puts into practice for the biggest museums, collectors, private individuals and professionals. Perpetuating the manufacture and restoration of silverwork, in 2001 he set out to create contemporary gold and silver work to bring his own personal touch to this art and overturn “traditional” restraints.

[Translate to English:] Café Jardin l'Arrosoir Café Restaurant Franck Savourey

The team makes you welcome here 7 days a week, from 8 in the morning to midnight, straight through. On fine days, you can sit outside on the huge sunny terrace. In winter you might feel tempted to climb up the stairs, prettily lit with candles, to seek the haven of one of the benches on the mezzanine floor, perfect for romantics! All year long, you can enjoy simple dishes, made with fresh products, for breakfast or lunch, at a lovely wooden bar. You will have a chance to enjoy their homemade desserts, or relish the privilege of tasting Maison Berthillon’s ice creams.

Paris-Ateliers Paris-Ateliers Workshops for amateur artistic practices Gilles Bonnevialle

Paris-Ateliers is an association under the law of 1901 subsidized by the City of Paris which offers amateur practice of more than 100 disciplines in the field of crafts and related arts. Nearly 560 weekly classes, as well as workshops during the vacations, are organized throughout the school year. They bring together about ten people, of all ages and backgrounds, united by the desire to discover, to learn or to improve in a friendly atmosphere encouraged by the teachers, all professionals, artists or craftsmen, and carried by the energy of the group.

[Translate to English:] Atelier Punto & Cruz | Patricia Cruz Design and development of shoes Patricia Cruz

Patricia Cruz, a computer-aided shoe design specialist, and Laura Puntillo, a bootmaker with a passion for women's customized footwear, founded the Punto & Cruz workshop, a place entirely dedicated to the creation of custom-made shoes for women. The founders share, not only a love for shoes, but also a passion for the links between culture and design.

Au passeur de lumière Au passeur de lumière Creation and restoration of stained glass windows Nolwenn de Kergommeaux

Nolwenn de Kergommeaux, master stained glass artist, has chosen the Viaduc des Arts to set up her workshop. Her 20 years of experience in the art of stained glass allow her to restore our heritage but also to give free rein to her creativity and to respond to the most atypical requests. A workshop of values, where customers can follow the evolution of the work as it is being made. The workshop also offers a repair service for any glass work. With a large stock, Nolwenn's team can intervene quickly on any type of broken glass.

[Translate to English:] Philippe Ferrandis Workshop for crafting jewelry, fashion accessories, and decorative items Philippe Ferrandis

Philippe Ferrandis has been a parurier, a craftsman producing costume jewellery and accessories, in Paris since 1986. He creates two collections a year, all different and spectacular. The elegance, glamour and quality of his creations appeal to daring women. Philippe Ferrandis gives a great deal of importance to the choice of materials he uses; quality, natural and refined items. Hard stones, wood, glass paste or crystal are set in pieces of fashioned metal. All the jewels are made in Paris, at his workshops located in the Viaduc des Arts, the showcase for French crafts.

[Translate to English:] Maison Fey Furnishing leatherwork, gilding on leather Nicolas Taberné

The Maison Fey has been specialised in furniture leatherwork since it was founded in 1910. In its production process, the company uses a specific tool for this profession (roller and engraved ornamental tool), which dates back over a century. The team of leatherworkers, colourers, embossers and gilders practises furnishing leatherwork on desks, walls ceilings and floors. It also masters embossing on gold leather or cordwain. The company only works to order and also exports its know-how through many projects abroad.

[Translate to English:] Les Ateliers Chutes libres Reused object workshops Chutes libres

After 2 years of being housed in numerous different Parisian cultural institutions, the Chutes libres workshops are now located at the Viaduc des Arts. They offer workshops that are open to all and are led by professional designers, carpenters and cabinetmakers. Each participant can make objects using scrap wood recovered by Chutes libres from Parisian artisans and museums. The reused material is then cut up, drilled, assembled and sanded in order to create new objects: stools, shelves, coffee tables, etc. At the end of each workshop, participants go home with the piece of furniture they have created !

[Translate to English:] Malhia Kent High-class prêt-à-porter and furnishing Eve Corrigan

Malhia Kent is a company creating and making high-quality fabrics for prêt-à-porter, haute couture and furnishing. Its work is based on weaving all kinds of material, with unique techniques. Mahlia Kent is a French manufacturing company with great appeal abroad. Its customers include some very prestigious names: Chanel, Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Fendi, Dior, Vuitton, Pucci and more. Eve Corrigan, who runs Malhia Kent, has brought in several innovative concepts, specifically the “Design me a fabric” line, which is made to match creators’ wishes.

[Translate to English:] Design by Jaler Art showroom - Interior decoration - Rental of works of art - Creation of Events Julie Jaler

"From accessible art to prestigious works ", Design By Jaler supports Companies, Individuals, Decorators & Architects. Our objective always: Acquire works of art, Decorate spaces, Transform atmospheres, Invest and build an artistic heritage. Various styles and techniques: painting, sculpture, modern art, street art... Works for all budgets - Unique, personalized, custom-made works - Prestigious works and renowned artists. Our commitments : A selection of more than 1000 works of art, from about thirty international artists, to decorate your professional or personal spaces and enhance your heritage. At your side at all times, we accompany you from the selection of the works to their financing. As well, a prestigious showroom, with constantly renewed exhibitions, for the pleasure of discovery or for the organization of your events. "A space is illuminated, thanks to the stars we place there, " and Design by Jaler, will now shine in the firmament of the places, impossible to circumvent, with the promotion of contemporary art in Paris.

[Translate to English:] L'Olifant Paris Manufacturing, renovation, and repair of brass musical instruments Arthur Jeannoutot

Improvement or replica of a model, the recognized know-how of the craftsmen will be able to answer the most demanding requests of the musicians. The manufacturing process respects the art of instrument making and its techniques, all products are made in the workshops. Customized assembly, L'Olifant manufactures for all brass instruments: bell, grand suite, suite, stem, mouthpiece branch, reinforcement. L'Olifant Paris uses the same techniques as in the golden age of instrument making. All the pieces created are made from brass sheet. When bent and shaped, it offers a unique acoustic potential and distinguishes itself from industrial tubes.

[Translate to English:] Atelier Punto & Cruz | Laura Puntillo Craftsman-shoe maker Laura Puntillo

Laura Puntillo, a bootmaker with a passion for women's customized footwear, and Patricia Cruz, a computer-aided shoe design specialist, founded the Punto & Cruz workshop, a place entirely dedicated to the creation of custom-made shoes for women. The founders share, not only a love for shoes, but also a passion for the links between culture and design.

[Translate to English:] Dan Yeffet Design Studio Design object creation and manufacturing Dan Yeffet

Dan’s work covers space and objects and everything gravitating around them. From crafts techniques to avant-garde technologies, his products can be described as simple, innovative but with their own strong identity. He designs furniture, light fittings and glass sculptures, chic and pure objects of desire, everyday items, conceptual spaces, urban spaces, gallery items and limited editions. His work can be found in many museums and galleries all over the world.

[Translate to English:] Harposphère Shop-studio for sales, repair, and restoration of harps Raphaël Budin

Formerly named Le Magasin de la Harpe, Harposphère sells, repairs and restores harps of all kinds (single movement harps, exhibition harps, Celtic harps, pedal harps, large second-hand harps, antique harps...). Harposphère has built up a reputation over the years that still endures today

[Translate to English:] Atelier Cattaneo Restoration of works of art, backing, framing Mary Cattaneo

The Cattaneo workshop specialises in the conservation and restoration of graphic works of art such as engravings, lithographs, watercolours, pastels, posters and old wallpaper. Its founder, Marie Cattaneo Vietti, is also an expert in backing and the canvas mounting technique for contemporary works. The purpose of the Cattaneo workshop is to provide a personalised customised service for works of art, respecting their history and sensitivity thanks to professional expertise, the use of top-quality products and the application of proven techniques, all within the agreed timeframes.

[Translate to English:] Wecandoo Introductory workshops to the crafts


Wecandoo's mission is to create unforgettable encounters between the general public and artisans by organizing hands-on workshops introducing various artisan crafts (ceramics, candles, textiles, cooking, plants, wood, glass, etc.).

The Wecandoo team welcomes you to their friendly and authentic space for hosting your events (team-building, seminars, meetings, etc.).

In their vault at number 23, you can try your hand at ceramics in their 300m² workshop dedicated to this skill (by reservation).


[Translate to English:] Lorenove Restoration and creation of stylish and artistic windowss Lorillard / Y. Fontaine

Installed here since 1997, the Lorenove boutique is a place for exhibiting carpentry for private customers. Lorenove is sustained on the 85 years of know-how of the Lorillard Group, whose journeymen joiners, who perpetuate their love for good work, are entrusted with carrying out projects ranging from identical reproduction for a historical building to the creation of hitherto unseen models. The 55 arches of the Viaduc de Arts, all unique and made to measure, are one of the projects it worked on.


[Translate to English:] Abaca Conservation, restoration of paper and textile works, photography Agathe Strouk

The ABACA workshop is an association of six conservators-restorers with diplomas from the National Heritage Institute. They handle textile works, photographs and works on paper: documents, historical works or contemporary creations. The workshop works for public institutions, private collections, dealers and private individuals in accordance with the code of conduct common to all the disciplines linked to the conservation-restoration of cultural assets. Works are deposited or collected by appointment only.

[Translate to English:] Ateliers Stéphane Guilbaud Prints, lithographs, engraving and artists’ books Stéphane Guilbaud

Established at the Viaduc des Arts in February 2014, the workshop has already welcomed Gérard Garouste, Robert Combas, Otto Piene, Jacques Villeglé, Daniel Authouart and Tony Soulié in its vault. Stéphane Guilbaud carries out his work here as an art printer on ancient presses and pursues the publishing activity for his Action Art Publications structure, with some of the above artists. A second facility located near Bergerac is engaged specifically in making prints in very large formats, as a complement to this Parisian venue.

[Translate to English:] Rairies Montrieux Handcrafted and contemporary terracotta tile manufacturing Pascal Benaiche

Located in the Loire Valley in the little village of Rairies, considered one of the oldest terracotta production sites in France, the RAIRIES MONTRIEUX brickworks has been developing its expertise for over a century now. With the raw clay that is extracted here in open-pit quarries, RAIRIES MONTRIEUX produces tiles, facing slips and bricks, which are now very popular with architects, builders and private customers Their production, using traditional methods, meets the requirements of architects who focus on the restoration of our architectural heritage. The clay and glazing are worked to suit individual requirements, in order to reproduce original pieces. The Viaduc des Arts serves as the contemporary showcase for the brand’s production in France: an original exhibition area as well as a trend laboratory for natural coverings for different kinds of building.

[Translate to English:] Mydriaz Art bronzier. Specialized in the realization of custom-made decorative lighting, monumental installations and furniture in brass Malo du Bouëtiez, Jennifer Midoz

Since 2011, MYDRIAZ has been revisiting the work of an artistic bronzesmith by producing high-quality and original brass objects. These three artists, who came to the craft industry through their desire to master the creative process from start to finish, combine their respective experiences to establish a dialogue between design, plastic and applied arts. Their work involving lighting and furniture combining tradition and modernity, nobility and avant-garde, focuses as much on substance as on form, revolving around themes such as time, the void, the inexorable, the random or the infinite, with a formal concern for finesse, sensitivity, precision and lightness.

[Translate to English:] Jean-Charles Brosseau Perfumer Jean-Charles Brosseau

Jean-Charles Brosseau is a famous fashion designer who set up his business in 1954 and immediately became a highly sought-after designer of accessories for the most famous haute couture creators in Paris. In 1981, he decided to create his own perfume “Ombre Rose”, whose enormous success not only exceeded all Brosseau’s expectations but also amazed the entire perfumery world. Since then the range of products has extended with nine new fragrances for women and four for men. The brand is distributed in over 30 countries.

[Translate to English:] Atelier C Chocolate making workshop Christophe Berthelot-Sampic

ATELIER C is the first concept-store entirely dedicated to chocolate. Christophe Berthelot- Sampic, master chocolatier, offers the public the opportunity to discover rare chocolates and great vintages through several activities: manufacturing and tasting workshops, a chocolate bar to taste many specialties, a shop to afford products of quality and a museum to discover the history of cocoa and chocolate.

[Translate to English:] Confiture parisienne Workshop, handmade jam crafting Confiture Parisienne

“Laura and Nadège had the idea to sublimate this sweet dish known to all: jam. Their products are made in the purest jam tradition to which they add a hint of modernity in order to create original recipes. They collaborate with the greatest chefs to achieve their goal, to make jam a gastronomic product. Combining artisanal know-how and modernity, Laura and Nadège produce unique and surprising creations by associating unusual flavours. The recipe for their success: natural products, unrefined cane sugar, cooking in a cauldron and seasonal fruits, a certain talent and a few grams of magic. Parisian jam is an uncompromising pleasure!”

[Translate to English:] Saargale Fashion Adama Paris

New brand-new concept store made in Africa, Saargale is exclusively designed for ethical and chic fashion, this space entirely dedicated to African creators offers exceptional pieces for sale to the Parisian public. With its unique know-how, this shop offers an assortment of cultural products created by eighteen artists, rare objects inspired by the reflection of the African heritage, which fit elegantly into modernity and will undoubtedly seduce avowed fans of lifestyle made by Africans: design, furniture, art photography, jewellery, books, clothes, shoes...

[Translate to English:] Baguès Creation and fabrication of high-end lighting fixtures in bronze and wrought iron Emilie Morvan

Created in Auvergne in 1840, the Maison Baguès, became established in the very heart of Paris in the 1860s, specialising in the creation of high-end light fittings. With its enormous collection of archives and models, the brand became famous thanks to the quality of its artisan expertise. Bronze and iron are worked using traditional chiselling, ironwork and spot welding techniques. Gilding or silver plating, or even the setting of Bohemian and rock crystals…the work is done by hand and takes a lot of time and skill! This unique know-how allows the brand to create exceptional, bespoke pieces to suit each customer’s requirements. A symbol of excellence among French artisans, the Maison Baguès is particularly successful abroad. The brand is a considered a global benchmark by many decorators. Some of its most beautiful works can be found in major hotels (the George V Four Seasons and the Ritz in Paris, the Baur au Lac in Zurich), luxury shops (Patek Philippe, Cartier, Ladurée), private palaces and listed buildings. Numerous designers and artists have also created models in collaboration with Baguès. A guarantee of elegance and quality, chandeliers and sconces decorated with parrots and leaves, typical of the Baguès style, are regularly found in art sales. Maison Baguès is reviving its most beautiful models and is open to modernity with its very contemporary lights, combining brass and alabaster. Today, Baguès is proud to be one of the last remaining manufacturers of crafted light fittings in France, and continues to develop its models in order to sell them all over the world.

[Translate to English:] Atelier du Temps Passé Restoration of paintings and polychrome objets d’art Annette Douay

The Atelier du temps passé restores paintings and painted objets d’art of all periods and in all formats. Over 30 years’ experience in work for both private individuals and the most demanding institutions. Refixing, lining and remounting on canvas, simple or complex cleaning, filling, touching up and varnishing hold no secrets for Annette Douay and her team. All the work is done according to international deontological rules and covered by a ten-year guarantee. Technical expertise in the materials with authenticity certificates. Free detailed estimates and reasonable delivery times.

[Translate to English:] Gamelle Spanish cuisine restaurant and delicatessen Pierre-Xavier Robert

Open 7 days a week from 11am to 2 am. We look forward to your visit. With its friendly, fun atmosphere, this is the ideal place to have lunch, brunch or maybe just a drink or two… and why not enjoy a game of bowling or table football whilst you are here!

[Translate to English:] Artefact Architectural models, relief maps Rod Marawi

Artefact makes models of contemporary and historical architectural designs in France or abroad with outstanding precision. Its mastery of traditional craft techniques combined with the optimum use of modelling software and 3D modelling enable Artefact to fashion items with a hitherto unseen accuracy and finish quality. All the stages of its production work are done at our workshop: CADM modelling, cutting, assembly, gluing and finishes.

[Translate to English:] JMW Studio Studio for creating contemporary hand-blown glass pieces Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert

JMW Studio is a studio for the creation of unique contemporary hand-blown glass pieces and bronze mounts for those who are passionate about excellence and unique pieces. Located in the heart of Paris and directed by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert, our workshops are installed in the exceptional site of Le Viaduc des Arts. They bring together craftsmen and project managers capable of designing and producing exceptional lighting fixtures in a thoughtful, large-scale setting. At JMW Studio we work with both professionals and individuals, in a high-end market, in France and abroad. Our wealth is our team of passionate people.

[Translate to English:] Hall Couture Shared residence of fashion designers and concept store Alice Gras

Hall Couture is an incubator that offers many services to young fashion designers to help them foster their development and reveal their talent. It provides an equipped workshop, personalised training to improve their leadership, as well as a showroom to present their products and collections. Hall Couture is the ideal place for allowing fashion players to access a professional community that will support them in the development of their projects.

[Translate to English:] Serge Amoruso Design Fine leather goods, designer Serge Amoruso

Serge Amoruso, a Master of Art and specialist in custom-made fine leatherwork, makes all his items individually, entirely crafted and sewn by hand. He works on an incredible palette of extremely valuable rare materials, and is well known for his creations in which pieces of mammoth ivory or meteorites are fitted. In addition to large and small leatherwork projects, he is interested in other fields: clock making, cutlery, jewellery and furniture. Serge Amoruso seeks challenges and enjoys meeting his customers’ demands in order to go beyond his limits and provide real works of art.

[Translate to English:] Cécile et Jeanne Creation and manufacture of costume jewellery, replicas of ancient jewels Jeanne Seroussi

Cécile and Jeanne invite you to discover the process of making their jewels at their workshop-boutique. For 24 years now, the dove trademark has been selling refined and dazzling jewellery created by Jane, the sole designer of this brand’s collection. She shares emotions, her vision of the world and women through her creations, all a matter of lightness and spontaneity. She uses at her own discretion collections of resin, molten glass, enamel and fine stones... to see life in colour. Come and watch how her collections bloom, for lasting memories of an experience to cherish.

[Translate to English:] Le Viaduc Café Bar-restaurant, French cuisine Jean-Christophe Loridon

The Viaduc Café is an atypical restaurant with a spacious, warm setting, all built with dressed stone. It is a trendy and hospitable place open to all cultures and curiosities. The entire Viaduc Café team do everything in their power to ensure their customers have a good time. The experienced chef draws his inspiration from seasonal products and "homemade" is his first watchword. He offers a menu that satisfies young and old alike, with fresh and balanced products.