Free Fall Workshops transcend the world of recycling

Free Fall Workshops transcend the world of recycling

After launching the "Ateliers chutes libres" three years ago, manufacturing workshops using wood scraps, the three founders of the design agency Prémices and co, based at the Viaduc des arts, have just unveiled their new innovation. Specializing in the circular economy, reuse and recycling, the agency has created "PierrePlume", an acoustic material made of recycled textile, used as wall covering. Decrypting.

The Ateliers chutes Libres take up the challenge

Most young designers no longer dream of designing the "supercar" that will become a jewel in the automobile world, but of responding to the ecological challenges of our century. Three graduates of the Ecole Boulle, Camille Chardayre, Amandine Langlois and Jérémie Triaire, are a good example of this generation of committed designers, who are convinced that it is possible and necessary to make the most of what is already there. Associated since 2012 within Premices and co, their design and interior architecture agency specialized in circular economy, they nurture several projects in this sense.

The first project, "Les Ateliers Chutes Libres", has been installed at the Viaduc des Arts for over three years. Its concept is ecologically virtuous and at the same time smart. They recover wood scraps destined for the dumpster in order to recycle them, reuse them, and give them a new life, such as the creation of design objects, small furniture, the manufacture of wooden Christmas trees, etc. From this project were born workshops to make objects from wood scraps, open to the public to learn how to make wooden objects, but especially to transmit good recycling practices and act differently.

And where do these wood scraps come from? From everywhere: exhibition halls, theater sets, furniture scraps... For its creations, the agency uses all kinds of material scraps, even the most improbable. The parts of an airplane that has become too old to fly are usually destroyed or buried, but Ateliers Chutes Libres recovers them, like the connecting rods that are transformed into lamps. The field of possibilities of recycling and reuse of "waste" material becomes immense and gives birth to new projects for this ecological trio.

Pierreplume, when the recycled becomes recyclable

In France, a person consumes an average of 11 kilos of clothing per year, of which only 20% is collected. European objectives aim to increase the collection of used clothing and its recovery: the source of recycled textile is booming. But what to do with these piles of clothes?

This is the subject of "Pierreplume", the latest innovation from Prémices and co, presented at the trade show dedicated to innovative and artisanal materials in October 2022. This wall covering project, which took nearly ten years of R&D to bring to fruition, was imagined with the support of ADEME and ReFashion.

Created from recycled textile fibers, "Pierreplume" is an acoustic and flexible material with a mineral appearance. Available in different patterns and colors, it can be used as a wall covering in various spaces exposed to noise such as open spaces, reception halls, restaurants or media libraries. It can also be used for design, art and event creations. Made from recycled fibers, this product constitutes an ecological loop because it is totally recyclable.

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