Retraining in the arts and crafts: a head in the stars ... and on your shoulders

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Retraining in the arts and crafts: a head in the stars ... and on your shoulders

Taking on your dreams, fulfilling yourself in an art profession is possible ... if you know how to measure your project. There are those who have changed town, changed horizons, and those who have decided to change their lives. The health crisis has acted as an accelerator in the decision making process for many French people who have chosen to live differently, differently.
As a result of the confinement, the certainties of some were shaken, the doubts of others confirmed and the desire to change course became imperative

The first reason given for a change of direction towards the arts and crafts is the search for meaning. Being fed up with pressure, bull-shit jobs, large structures, having the impression of being "useless", of not producing anything relevant... all these reasons lead to the question "for what, for whom do I work? "Many people who have been retrained tell of the weariness they felt, no longer understanding the reason for their presence in the company.
The economic crisis also plays a role in triggering people to take action
Elisabeth Detry, President of the Ile-de-France Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMA), explains: "When people find themselves in complicated professional situations, they open up to other things. "

A step that must be prepared with method

Retraining in the arts and crafts means changing your life and changing yourself. It is therefore necessary to prepare for it. Hervé Delumeau of "L'atelier Hervé-Ebéniste" at the Viaduc des Arts particularly insists on this point. According to him, "you must first of all be aware that changing your life is first of all changing yourself, changing your skin".

It is a question of approaching the change phase step by step, with rigour and by trying to answer precisely the basics "what, why, how" which can quickly turn into a headache if you miss the steps.

Knowing how to surround yourself with people to move forward

For the dream to become reality, it is essential to think through your project, take your time and be accompanied.
In France, there are more than 1000 organisations that enable you to acquire the culture and know-how of the crafts. There are many operators who can support retraining, identify training courses, help to set up a business and provide accommodation for young art craft start-ups.

Among these organisations, the Institut National des Métiers d'Art (INMA) and the Chambres des Métiers et de l'Artisanat (CMA) are the preferred contacts for people wishing to retrain in the art trades.
Both have expertise in the transmission of exceptional know-how. They act for the promotion of art trades and living heritage.
It is the first port of call for all future craftsmen, in terms of advice, guidance and funding.

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