Framer and plinth: when art elevates the work

October 2023 79 Avenue Daumesnil

Framer and plinth: when art elevates the work

The framer and the plinth, with their meticulousness and artistic sensibility, play an essential role in the art of enhancing artworks.

In the world of art, two often overlooked yet essential professions flourish in the shadows, adding a touch of magnificence to creations: the framer and the plinth. These skilled artisans master the art of enhancing artworks, each in their own domain, bringing their precise expertise and artistic sensibility. They are like guardians of aesthetics who contribute to enhancing the beauty of artworks.

The framer, the guardian of beauty

The framer is the artist of presentation, the one who transforms a work by giving it a remarkably physical presence. Their role goes far beyond mere protection of the artwork: it is about creating a harmonious marriage between the work and its framing, highlighting every detail, texture, and color.

Like a maestro, they carefully choose materials, patterns, and shapes that will enhance the work. Their expertise and creativity enable them to give the work a presence that captivates the eye, while respecting the artistic intent of its creator.

Thus, for the art enthusiast's eye, the frame of a pictorial work is far from a triviality, but holds a crucial purpose in preserving the artwork. Framing, far from limiting perspectives, invites them to other horizons. It is a frame that opens the eyes instead of closing them.

The plinth, the elevation to majesty 

The plinth, on the other hand, is the craftsman who transforms a sculpture into a true visual masterpiece by integrating it with an appropriate pedestal or support. Their task is to find the perfect balance between the sculpture and its support using materials such as stone, wood, or metal.

They must master sculpting and polishing techniques in order to create a pedestal that will enhance the sculpted work by emphasizing its forms, textures, and presence. Their sense of aesthetics and artisanal precision are essential in creating a visual harmony between the sculpture and its pedestal, giving the work a place of honor in the space where it is exhibited.

Without a plinth, there is no elevation of a work to majesty, and one then understands the intrinsic nature of this discreet profession to the artwork.

Artistic synergy: when two worlds collide

The framer and the plinth share a common passion for art and a profound understanding of the importance of presenting a work. Their work is often the result of close collaboration with the artist themselves, in order to grasp their intent.

Together, they create an artistic synergy that enhances the work. Whether through elegant framing or a sculptural base, the framer and the plinth strive in their own ways to create an immersive visual experience, captivating the viewer and enabling them to connect with the work on a deep and meaningful level.

Although more confidential, these artisanal practices are nonetheless indispensable to artists who must both protect and elevate their works.

The Viaduc des Arts is fortunate to have within its walls the workshop Le Cadre d’Or. A house born in 1979, which masters new techniques and materials such as plexiglass, wood, and metal. The diversity of materials now allows for meeting various technical requirements (large format, fragile work, non-standard object, ...) and providing unprecedented aesthetic solutions (transparent framing, lead caming, plexiglass box and cover, ...).

Thanks to their expertise and artisanal craftsmanship, they succeed in magnifying every detail, texture, and nuance, adding an extra dimension to the work and inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the artist's artistic universe. Their know-how, artistic sensibility, and dedication to aesthetic perfection are fundamental elements in showcasing the creations.

Through collaboration with the artists, they establish a dialogue between the work and its container, thus offering the public a renewed visual experience.

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